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Dominic Murphy, co-founder and director of Pie Photonics Ltd. has been co-author on over 50 publications, presentations and patent applications including invited and postdeadline submissions; selected titles are listed below.

Selected Publications

  • Murphy, D.F., Healy, N. and Sazio, P, "Optical Wavefront Interferometry - evolution, challenges and opportunities", Imaging and Applied Optics, Applied Industrial Optics (Arlington, Virginia), Invited, June 2015.
  • Murphy, D.F., "Broadband static fiber interferometry and FT-spectrometry - more information with more convenience at more locations", Pittcon Contributed Session (Chicago), Invited, March 2014.
  • Murphy, D.F., "Mobilizing static fiber interferometry", Optics & Photonics News, Optics Innovations, Invited, December 2013.
  • Murphy, D.F., Chen, Yong & Birks, T.A., "Ultra mobile optical fibre interferometry and FT-spectrometry", Sense'13 (Finland), Invited, 2013.
  • Birks, T.A., Mangan, B.J., Diez, A., Cruz, J.L. and Murphy, D.F., “Multi-core fibre photonic lanterns” ACOFT (Sydney) Invited 2012.
  • MacSuibhne, N., Li, Z., Baeuerle, B., Zhao, J., Wooler, J.P., Alam, S.U., Poletti, F., Petrovich, M.N., Heidt, A.M., Giles, I.P., Giles, D.J., Palsdottir, B., Gruner-Nielsen, L., Phelan, R., O’Carroll, J., Kelly, B., Murphy, D., Ellis, A.D., Richardson, D.J., Garcia Gunning, F.C., “Wavelength division multiplexing at 2µm”, Th.3.A.3, ECOC (Amsterdam) Postdeadline 2012.
  • Birks, T.A., Mangan, B.J., Diez, A., Cruz, J.L. and Murphy, D.F., ”Multimode to single-mode “photonic lantern” filters in multi-core fibre” Optics Express 20 (13), pp.13996 – 14008, 2012 – Featured in Laser Focus World, July 2012:
  • Murphy, D.F., Healy, N, O’Mahoney, K.T. and Hussey, C.D., “Adiabatically expanded single-mode optical fibers for reduced optical power density and enhanced reliability”, Optical Fiber Communication Conference (Los Angeles) 2012.
  • Schartner, E.P., Murphy, D.F., Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H., Monro, T.M., “A low-volume microstructured optical fiber hydrogen peroxide sensor” SPIE Defense Security & Sensing Conf. (Orlando) 2011.
  • Birks, T.A., Mangan, B.J., Diez, A., Cruz, J.L., Leon-Saval, S.G., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Murphy, D.F., “Multicore optical fibres for astrophotonics”, CLEO Europe (Munich) Invited2011.
  • Wheeler, N.V., Grogan, M.D.W., Wang, Y.Y., Murphy, D.F., Birks, T.A., Benabid, F,, “Large core photonic microcells for coherent optics and laser metrology”, Photonics West (San Francisco) Invited 2011.
  • Birks, T.A., Diez, A., Cruz, J.L., Leon-Saval, S.G., Murphy, D.F., “Fibres are looking up: optical fibre transition structures in astrophotonics”, Frontiers in Optics (Rochester) Invited 2010.
  • Murphy, D.F. and Flavin, D.A., “Statically scanned single and tandem low-coherence interferometers”, Measurement Science & Technology (OFS-20 Special Issue) 2010.
  • Boyd, K., Murphy, D.F., Munch, J., Monro, T.M., “Elliptical CO2 laser beam tapering of hole-pressurised bismuth microstructured optical fibres”, ACOFT (Melbourne) 2010.
  • Englich, F.V., Schartner, E.P., Murphy, D.F., Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H., Monro, T.M., “Fusion splicing soft-glass suspended-core and solid silica fibers for optical fiber sensing”, ACOFT (Melbourne) 2010.
  • Cuenot, B., Ellis, A., Healy, N., Murphy, D.F., Hussey, C.D., “Optical regeneration of WDM signals using quasi continuous filtering”, 8th ICTON (Nottingham) Invited 2006.
  • Healy, N., McDaid, E., Murphy, D.F., Hussey, C.D. and Birks, T.A., “Low-loss single mode 1×2 y-junction”, Electron. Lett., 42 (13), pp. 740 – 742, 2006.
  • Clohessy, A.M., Healy, N., Murphy, D.F. and Hussey, C.D., “Short low-loss nanowire tapers on singlemode fibres”, Electron. Lett., 41 (17), pp. 954 – 955, 2005.
  • Mason, M.W., Murphy, D.F., Brown, E.A.M., Sabert, H., Birks, T.A., Knight, J.C. and Russell, P.St.J., “Slope-matched dispersion-compensating photonic crystal fibre”, CLEO/IQEC (San Francisco) CPDD3 Post-Deadline 2004.
  • Birks, T.A., Kakarantzas, G., Russell, P.St.J. and Murphy, D.F., “Photonic crystal fibre devices”, SPIE Proc. on Fiber-based Component Fabrication, Testing, and Connectorization (Brugge) Invited 2002.
  • Murphy, D.F., Flavin, D.A., McBride, R. and Jones, J.D.C., “Interferometric interrogation of in-fiber Bragg grating sensors without mechanical path length scanning”, J. Lightwave Technol., 19 (7), pp. 1004 – 9, 2001.
  • Murphy, D.F. and Flavin, D.A., “Dispersion-insensitive measurement of thickness and group refractive index by low-coherence interferometry”, Appl. Opt., 39 (25), pp. 4607 – 4615, 2000.